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Competency Crisis Open Discussion Panel

Most young professionals largely now days are unprepared to meet the challenges posed by a changing and complex working world.Many organizations are raising red flags on citing a significant gap between the skills young professionals need to succeed and those they actually possess. The IMA has addressed this issue and named it “Competency Crisis”. Hence, On December 13 , 2016 JAMA  conducted an Open Discussion Panel on “Competency Crisis”  The discussion was based on gathering views from the Education sector, HR professionals and Finance professionals. The panelists  that were hosted for the discussion were  Dr. Malek Al Sharairi – Associate Professor of Accounting, Vice Dean at German Jordanian University who represented the Education sector. Ms. Eman Ayoub MA, SPHR – Associate Director, Talent Team at Ernst & Young Jordan who represented the HR professionals and Mr. Ammar Khayyat  CPA, CMA – CEO at Inc who represented the Finance Professionals. The discussion was moderated by JAMA President Mr. Jamal Abdul Jalil. The discussion was a fruitful discussion with an audience that reached 60 persons from the three targeted sectors.