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Unlock Your Door to Opportunity (CMA & CIA)

In cooperation with IIA (The Institute of Internal Auditors – Jordan), JAMA held a joint session for: “Unlock Your Door to Opportunity (CMA &CIA)”

The session Outline: CMA designation orientation: About the IMA Jordan Chapter (JAMA), Professional Certificates Vs Academic Certificates, Benefits of Professional Certificates, The Need of Professional Certificates, What a professional Certificate to Start with? How to Prepare and Pass a Professional Certificate? CMA credential, CMA – Exam Structure, CMA – Requirements, Register for the exams, Study Tips, CMA – Salary Survey, CMA – Statistics, Frequently Asked Questions. CIA & Internal Audit Practitioner designations orientation: About The IIA Jordan Chapter, CIA & IAP credentials, CIA & IAP – Exam Structure, CIA & IAP – Requirements, Register for the exams, CIA & IAP – Salary Survey, CIA & IAP – Statistics, Frequently Asked Questions